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Hither and yon, Greg Rickes takes us on a global tour of the racing world with this column, right here:


For Rallye Fans

If you are a devotee of the World Rally Championship, start searching for a way to get MAVTV. The Lucas Oil-backed broadcaster will provide coverage of the 2014 championship, and it’s going to be LIVE, not tape-delay.

Coverage starts from Mexico on March 7th-9th. Broadcast time is listed as 1 p.m. each day, but you might want to verify this.

Just How Wide Is Phoenix?

Tuning in for the concluding laps of the NASCAR race from Phoenix , it appeared that the yellow line was for information purposes only. In one banzai move Jeff Gordon passed two cars on the apron rim of the track; unfortunately Fox didn’t have an overhead view to detail the maneuver.

Diversity Down Under
Australia’s V8 SuperCar series has been built on the foundation of the Holden/Ford rivalry, but now with both GM and Ford planning to shutter their production facilities, the search is on to expand the base for the popular sedan series.

All cars in the series now use a spec chassis and drivetrain package, but nonetheless Mercedes and Nissan signed on last year, and now they’re joined by Volvo. None of the newcomers is a threat at the front of the pack, but  at least the prospect is there for the future of the series.

Gainsco Benched

With Sebring coming up in a couple of weeks as round 2 of the Tudor United Sports Car Championship, the Gainsco No. 99  Prototype team has announced that as a result of the devastating accident at Daytona involving Meo Gidley, the team will not be able to follow through on their plans to participate in the remaining rounds of the North American Endurance Championship races within the overall series.

Reversal of Fortune

With the Formula One World Championship set to debut the new  turbocharged V-6 engine specification in just a couple of weeks, if testing results are to be believed the dominant days of Red Bull may be over — at least temporarily. Vettel & Co. have seemingly struggled just to keep the Renault powerplant running. Lotus is once again playing catch-up.  Who’s on top?  The recently down-and-out Williams equipe’.

Over on the business side there’s again the talking point that Long Beach could be a Formula One venue, while matters have again gone quiet on what the future might hold for Ernie Ecclestone.  Maybe he shouldn’t have dissed Gene Haas, who might have been willing to give him some pointers on life as a temporary guest of the government :-/

On To Amelia

In spite of up-and-down weather here in North Florida the forecast is looking good for this weekend’s Amelia Island Concours. A few lucky  snowbirds plan to escape the Northeast to join us.


Greg Rickes