Hi, welcome to Paws & Prints Animal Photography, where I’m an old dog expanding on a lifetime as a photo-journalist with a background in shooting everything from race cars to a family filled with pets.

Growing up as a kid in New Hampshire, we had dogs, cats, rabbits and those tiny turtles from J.J. Newberry’s . . . and my Uncle Howard had a farm with cows and chickens.

As a consequence, I know animals . . . and they feel comfortable around me. That, in my estimation, is more important than the camera. Shooting is only part of the assignment; getting your pet to pose, to feel at ease — is critical.

And, because of my background as a sportswriter and an automotive magazine editor, I can do more than simply shoot photos of your pets. I’m also available to capture your favorite old car, an old family tractor, your  hunting expedition after white tail . . . or even a romantic walk on the beach. If you want words, I’ve got words, too!

Besides pets, I love automobiles and the things that go fast. In fact, you can see a lot of those things at my other website, www.speedstylemagazine.com.

My focus is taking photos of your pets in your backyard, or while you walk your dog on the beach . . .. What do you want to capture? I’m here to help while offering very reasonable prices.

I look forward to meeting you!

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– Bill Moore