We know you love your pets . . . and while shooting photographs of them is a¬† major focus here at Paws And Prints, we didn’t spend 40 years as a photo-journalist to do just one thing.

And, we know you love other things: Your wife, your husband, your kids, your cars . . . even your guns.

After shooting everything from racecars running past at 200 miles an hour, to showcars sitting pretty in a parking lot or a concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach, we’re available to get the one-of-a-kind photos you’re looking for.

Want to take a walk on the beach (with your dog, your buddy, your kids, or your girl or guy), and we’re ready to tag along, taking once-in-a-lifetime photos of you as you go.

It’s all part of day-tripping. We’re available by the hour or the day . . .. Give us a call at (207) 703-2086 and see how reasonably we can make this happen for you.

Want to go shooting, hunting or fishing, and have us take pictures of you doing it? Well, we’re available for that, too. As a member of the South Berwick Rod And Gun Association, we know a thing or two about shooting shotguns and handguns. We can capture that experience for you and provide a photo that will look good in your study or man cave.

Got a great-looking car, a classic or a cruiser, a sports car or a show car — even an old tractor that has earned its keep? Why we can do that, too!

Want to climb Mount Washington, or cruise Lake Winnipesaukee  on the Mount Washington? Sure, we will go along for the trip and cover it from start to finish . . . and if you want words with that, we can provide them.

Think about it . . . if there’s something you’d like to get photographed . . . we can do it for you.

And, please, don’t forget the Holiday Seasons . . . want something special for cards you might be sending out for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas . . . why now’s the time to book an appointment!

We’re based in Kittery, and as the Gateway to Maine, Kittery is a good starting spot for a lot of things.

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