In an effort to keep prices just as low as possible . . . or as high as you want to go . . . we offer you flexibility here at Paws & Prints Animal Photography.

$99. This is our basic price . . . and for that you get a one-hour photo shoot and it includes travel up to 15 miles from my base in Kittery. For this creative fee, you get a CD with all the photos I shoot . . . and two prints. Before I send the photo CDs on to you, I edit the best pictures to make them sparkle.

After getting the prints you like most . . . you can either use your own printer to produce additional prints or I can print them all for you. In addition, I can can matte and frame those photos to best show them off.  And, I am available on hourly or a full-day basis for a fee we agree upon . . . because not all of the assignments will be the same. Some, like trekking off into the woods carrying a knapsack full of water and cameras will be more work.

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